The story behind Efamol Evening Primrose Oil

One of the world’s most trusted brands of Evening Primrose Oil sold in over 30 countries worldwide and with 35 years expertise. The Efamol story begins here, behind our ‘farm gate…’


Efamol’s golden colour is our hallmark and demonstrates the rich source of the Omega-6 nutrient GLA. It has the highest level of this key nutrient of any evening primrose oil on the market today.

Exclusive and protected seed rights for our seed called Rigel which is used to make our oil.

Dedicated, knowledgeable Rigel Evening Primrose farmers.

Control the whole manufacturing process from seed to capsule through stringent specifications.

Developed a unique “Liquid Gold” extraction process which retains natural ingredients of the seed in their most bioactive form. Efamol evening primrose oil is the closest to the natural content of the seed.

Efamol is able to trace the content of each capsule back to the country, region and even farm where the seed was harvested.

Grown in ideally selected areas of The Netherlands and New Zealand exclusively for Efamol allowing the freshest harvest to go into our capsules.