Brain – Children – Autism – Ooi 2015 (164) – Efalex Liquid and Autism

Efalex Improves Social Responses and Attention in Children and Adolescents

Objective: To determine the efficacy and safety of Efalex to reduce symptoms of autism and to determine the relationship between blood  fatty acid status and treatment response.

  • Open lobe.
  • 4 1 children aged 7- 18 years (36 boys and S girls) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (AS D) is diagnosed by a licensed child psychiatrist based on DSM-IV criteria.
  • IS mL of Efalex Liquid twice doily providing a doily dose of 840 mg do­ cosohexoenoic acid (DHA), 192 mg eicosohexoenoic acid (EPA), 66 mg arochidonic acid (AA). 144 mg gom­ mo./ino/enic acid (GLA), 60 mg vitamin E and 3 mg of rhyme oil for 12 weeks.
  • No concurrent behavioural therapy.



  • Social Responsiveness Scale-Parent (SRS-P) – Assesses social awareness cognition, communication, motivation autistic mannerisms and added scores provide a total score.
  • Measures anxious/depressed symptoms. With­drawn depressed symptoms, somatic problems, social problems, thought problems attention problems, rule-breaking behaviours, aggressive behaviours.
  • A higher ratio of omega-3 LC-PUFAs:Total LC-PUFAs and higher DHA following treatment Blood Fatty Acid Composition.
  • Ratio of AA:EPA, Rouo of Omego-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs);Total LC.PU FAs.EPA and DHA.
  • The results obtained at the start and end of the study were compared.


  • All 5 of the core symptoms autism is assessed by the SRS-P significantly.
  • Two of the 8 co-morbid symptoms is assessed by the CBQ significantly improved and there was a trend towards improvement in others.
  • A higher ratio of omega-3 LC-PUFAs:Total LC-PUFAs and higher DHA following treatment was associated with decreased symptom severity.

Those with the lowest baseline omega-3 LC-PUFA stows achieved the greatest benefit.

Conclusion: Efalex can safely and effectively  reduce autism symptoms. For more Information:  Call +44 (0)  1312 319 828 or Visit

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