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Hi there, my daughter is 10 years old and has a problem with concentrating and is very forgetfull, can any of your problem be as an effective as concerta i dont like Concerta as it influences her moods and eating please assist thanks Rone

- Rone / 16 February 2015


Dear Rone, the Efamol range is not a replacement for prescribed medication. However it does offer the nutrients that help with memory and concentration and the nutrients that most children with this problem may be deficient in. I would also recommend that you look at providing a natural low GI diet for her. I would recommend a daily multivitamin that is sugar and preservative-free. Ensure she gets plenty of exercise and adequate sleep as well. I would recommend using the Efamol Brain Concentrate Chewies for her. For more information on Efamol products, you are welcome to contact Efamol’s toll-free helpline 0800 130 131 during office hours.
Kind regards, Pam Pillay

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